In our age of digital information, blogging is one of the most popular methods of communicating and distributing information and news. There are literally millions of blogs online (don’t worry, we can make yours stand out and get noticed!), and it’s a grand way to express yourself and share information with others.

Setting up a blog is relatively simple:

  1. Decide on a blogging platform, domain name, and hosting preference. Choose a domain name you like and a hosting company that can host your blog.

Domain: The domain is the URL of your website. Examples:  ( is the domain), ( is the domain). Simple!

Hosting: The host is the company that puts your website up on the internet so everyone else can see it, like MK Digital Presence.

  1. Design your blog using a simple theme, and modify it to get your desired look and feel.
  2. Select the best plugins for your blog.
  3. Content is King. Write convincing content that adds value to readers.

All about content

1.Find your niche. What are you (or your business) passionate about? Don’t blog about something unless you have a one-of-a-kind perspective.

2.Identify your target audience. Who will be reading your stuff? Tailor your writing to your readers (whether it’s your family or your local community or whomever else will read your blog).

3.Add value. Your content must add value to your readers’ lives. This way, you will attract and retain quality readers. Adding value is the only way to get someone’s long term buy-in.

4.Be original. There are most probably other blogs out there with the same topics you write about, so ask yourself why and how your blog is different.

5.Be fascinating. Write impressive, awe-inspiring content, your readers will share it with others.

6.Research. Spend time researching what you’re writing about.

7.Keep It Simple. Stick to the basics and remove anything you don’t need and whatever else doesn’t add value.

8.Timing. There is no best time of the day or week to post, what matters most is that your writing is consistent.

If you’re in need of a Word Herder, we at MK Digital Presence offer a Blogging and Social Media Management service to all our esteemed clients.

Happy Blogging!