Digital marketing is the advertising of services, products and brands by means of one or more types of e-media. It applies methods that enable businesses to analyze marketing promotions and understand what is working and what’s not, usually in real time. Very different from traditional advertising indeed!

Digital channels are fairly cheap in contrast with traditional media, making them within reach of just about every business, big or small. It comes with one caveat though; it becomes a bit more difficult to capture your customers’ attention in the wilderness that is the advertising world.

So, do you have a digital marketing strategy, or are you just winging it? Do you know what you’re missing out on if you don’t have a strategic DM approach? Let’s have a look at some of the downfalls of navigating the online advertising space without a solid plan in place.

  1. First and foremost, you’d be directionless without a defining plan for transformation. Start with a separate plan and state your case for investment. Set clear strategic goals. Then integrate it into your overall marketing strategy.
  2. You won’t have an overview of your online market share. Would you know what drives your customer profiles and behaviour, what your alternatives are for marketing communication, and how your competitors are engaging consumers?
  3. You won’t know your online consumers. Analytics will only give you an idea of visits and traffic to your website, but not necessarily the sentiments of your customers. Invest in website user feedback tools to identify weaknesses and address the issues.
  4. You won’t optimize if you don’t take time to review your analytics and act on them. Your strategy should help you get the basics right in this case. Extract the value from your data and make better decisions.

Have you got any tips to share with others around planning and implementing a digital marketing strategy?